Chemistry Club Releases “Copia:Landfall”

In my experience, there are two kinds of bands in the world. First, there’s the band who is trying to impress you. They over-network by inviting you to every event on Facebook multiple times- once for every band member of course. They write songs about feeling left out that “everyone can relate to”, but they’re incredibly specific. They plaster every pole and bathroom wall with their own stickers hoping someone will notice. Second, there’s the bands that you want to impress. You follow them on every social media platform hoping for an interaction. You tell your friends and add them to your playlists hoping that someone will notice how effortlessly cool you are. You cite obscure lyrics as references to your own life events.

Denver’s Chemistry Club has managed to make their own path: they make music to impress themselves. They seem driven to impress themselves and each other with the level of intensity and complexity they bring to their music. And they should be impressed with themselves- each member of Chemistry Club is highly accomplished in an area outside the band: whether it be computer programming, sound design and editing, or managing drum lines. It’s no wonder that the band dominated the Denver music scene in the past years with their sound that lead singer Jeff Wiencrot describes as “pop for dorks”. From songs with laser battles to space concept albums and side-scroller video games, their projects appeal to the dork that every person has within them.

This weekend, Chemistry Club will add another project to their already impressive collection of works. The band partnered with artist Patch Silver their first comic book entitled “Copia:Landfall”, which will continue the story explored in their concept album Copia One: The Electric Hush. While other bands may use space as a trendy hook, the Copia series tackles deep themes found in any worthwhile science fiction: how loneliness existence can seem against the size and complexity of empty space and how do you find your identity when faced with your own insignificance. Wiencrot describes the piece, “Without giving too much of the plot away, the story is about loss and scarcity and figuring how to cope with both…Finding your place in the very, very, very large universe.”

Preview of the comic book artwork

Preview of the artwork for Copia:Landfall by Chemistry Club

With their own sound, hard work, and pure talent, Chemistry Club has proven to be a juggernaut in the Denver music scene. They may not fall into one of the two categories, but their earnest attempt to create projects they are proud of begs for a listen. When asked what drives him, Wiencrot says “There might be a half million bands in any little sliver of the universe. It’s worth the work to stand out.” Even though the Denver music scene may not be as vast and expansive as space itself, Chemistry Club has found their place within it.

Poster for Chemistry Club's Comic Book Release Party

Poster for Chemistry Club’s Comic Book Release Party

Check out Chemistry Club’s comic book release show Friday, March 13th at 7:00 at the Summit Music Hall. They will be joined by Vices I Admire, Instant Empire, Red Fox Run, and Amzy.

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